How To Buy 10 Stocks For Under $100

One hundred dollars may not seem like a whole lot of money in this day and time but you would be surprised to see what you can buy one hundred dollars. You could take 10 to 11 trips to the movies. You could fill your car up with gas 1.5 to 2 times. You could pay a cell phone bill or a cable bill for a month. You could get a pair of shoes. Another use for $100 would be to invest it. Let’s take a look at the values that you can get in the market right now for $100.

Buy 10 Stocks For Under $100

You can stop in the discount aisle and buy one share of the country’s biggest bank, Bank of America (BAC) for $7.25. You can buy one share of the largest office supply store, Staples (SPLS) for $13.10. That dividend stock comes with a 3.2% yield.

You can buy technology on the cheap by getting one share of Cisco (CSCO) for $15.92. You get a 1.7% yield which isn’t bad for a technology company. For a speculative play, you can add a share of Yahoo (YHOO). At $12.86 per share and with a $16 billion dollar market cap this company is a prime takeover target.

You can pick up a media company for $10.04 by buying Gannet Company (GCI). The stock has a nice 3.4% yield. You can also pick up a share of USG (USG) at $8.34 while hoping for a housing rebound. Both of these companies are a small part of the portfolio of Warren Buffett. Berkshire owns a combined $160 million in these two names.

Throw in a share of the biggest industrial producer General Electric (GE). For just $15.68 for a share, General Electric is giving you a nice 4% yield. Add an undervalued oil company, Harvest Natural Resources (HNR), that is a favorite of value investor Mohnish Pabrai for $9.50.

The Wendy’s Company (WEN) is a nice bet on a turnaround play now that the company has shed itself of Arby’s. You can own this hamburger stock for $4.97. Jamba Juice (JMBA) is one of those penny stocks without the bankruptcy risk. The company has $21 million in cash and no debt. You only have to pay $1.88 for a share.

The total spent  is $99.54 for all 10 stocks. That leaves 46 cents left over to do whatever you like with!


  1. Great post. I like the concept and the presentation. Interesting that you can get a share of Wendy’s for less than a combo meal. I don’t know how sound the business model for Gannet is. I keep hearing about the death of print media. Jamba Juice sounds interesting.

  2. Wow! Some very good deals out there.

    The Wendy’s share is a great example of the shape of the economy right now. I’m interested in Jamba Juice because I don’t see too many from where I am from. I’d love to buy a couple shares now and start seeing some units pop around my area.

    Thanks for these great tips!!

  3. Fun post! I guess in reality you would spend the leftover cents on commissions though. What about BershireHathaway. I’d love to go to their annual stockholder meeting and am considering buying a few shares just to get the invite!

  4. As a complete newbie investor, where do you suggest one buy some of the shares. Can these be bought through a site like e-Trade? Or is that not a good option. Please advise.

    Am interested in Wendy’s and GE. Although would be going completely on your rec above. Signed up to your blog some months ago and have been reading and paying attention on the sidelines, but would love to start a SMALL portfolio to see how it all works.

    Thanks for your continued advice and tips.


    • Missy,

      I like ETrade, TDAmeritrade and Scottrade. Scottrade is the cheapest and the best in my opinion if you don’t mind no dividend reinvestment. If you do then go with E*trade or TDAmeritrade..

  5. I love your posts. They are easy to read and understand. I’m going to check out a few of these. I am just starting to invest and have limited funds. I’ve found a few stocks that seem to be working, but with your insight and Warren Buffets investments, perhaps I can increase my odds for success.

  6. I panicked and got rid of my GE stock during this downturn last week. I may need to rethink my strategy. Jamba Juice is very intriguing, as well.

  7. Is there a place that I can view Warren Buffet’s portfolio? Or at least a small portion of it? Great post!

  8. I am brand spanking new to Direct Stock Purchasing. Thank you for your easy to understand posts…no really, THANK YOU. You speak in an everyday language that is non-threatening and all inclusive. As a young woman this is so important to trying new things. Especially things that are risky.

  9. avatar Steve Winter says:

    I want to buy some cheap stocks ($100 at a time) that have the potential for high returns (of course with high risk). Let me know.

    Steve Winter

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