Stocks That I Have Been Buying

The recent ups and downs of the stock market over the past few months has given me an opportunity to take some chances on some stocks that I feel are undervalued. I have been using down market days to build positions in few stocks. Here are my top 3 buys over the past few months.

Ford (F)

FordI have been buying Ford because the stock is simply too cheap to pass up. At $9 a share I felt like the stock was a real bargain and has great long term growth prospects. Ford has been able to trim costs by renegotiating its union contracts and eliminating a lot of its debt. The company’s balance sheet contains to get improve each quarter. Ford is positioning itself for long term growth by creating better vehicles and doing a great job of executing its long term strategy.

Bank of America (BAC)

I am not a fan of the bank’s new debit card fee rollout. I think that the new fees are too much but I think that the bank will retain most of its customers simply because people are too lazy to leave the bank. People like convenience and that is what Bank of America provides. This is a speculative play because the bank faces a mountain of lawsuits that it make take years to recover from. I actually think that Bank of America could emerge from this crisis in a few years as a much smaller stronger bank.

Arcelor Mittal Steel (MT)

I have been a longtime shareholder of Mittal Steel but when the stock hit the teens I started buying again. The stock was especially attractive when the yield went over 4%.  The stock may not recover until the global demand for steel products picks up again but the income makes the stock worth holding in the meantime. I feel like it is the cheapest steel play in the market.


  1. You could be right on BAC, but I would hate to take the chance that customer backlash doesn’t bite them. I do like Ford and Arcelor Mittal. I own AK Steel but the recent fall has been hard.

  2. F and BAC seems like a little too much speculation to me. But, I wish you the best of luck with your choices!

  3. Considering the backlash to Netflix, I am hesitant to buy into Bank of America right now. I hope it turns out well for you.

  4. Personally I would recommend to stay clear of Bank of America, and Any Financials at this point in time. If you are a day trader you have chances to make money in BOA,JPM,WFC,BX as of late having large swings within a weeks time however I would keep my money in my pocket than take that route. If you are a long term investor I would stay clear of ALL financials as Over the coming months ahead when the European situation gets figured Out, the TRUTH about our US banks, and how far in we are with them will come out. If there is any word that One Bank is heavily involved all Banks will sell off as society moves on speculation, and fear especially in the Financial Sector as we have all seen how fast people will drop there stocks in the past. Personally I think the heaviest banks of which are in trouble right now are BOA, CITI, and JP Morgan with Wells Fargo being your safest haven. I firmly think in the coming months ahead One or more of these Banks WILL FAIL. Obviously none knows the real truth on the issue however I would rather throw my money in a Fire, and watch it burn, then see myself invest it in a Bank, and Lose it all. Banks have no trust anymore, the P2P lending will continue to Grow, and Credit Unions will continue to perform better than these Banks. They should of never of been allowed to get to the size they are as it is. If the Job Market does not get better within the Next year, Millions of more Mortgages will Fault, and these Banks will be heavily under water.-Stefan

  5. I was looking at BAC when it dipped below $6. Got worried about a Netflix type reaction. Plus you can’t bet against Mr. Buffett, can you?

  6. Have to look into MT. Been adding Cat myself. Same theme.

  7. I’m long on F and BAC. The valuations are good and I, too, can’t pass them up at this price.

  8. Before I even consider buying a stock, regardless of how well known the corporation is, or how much I admire its products, I find out who is standing behind the stocks, and who is managing the operations.

    Pick up a copy of their latest annual report, read their financial statements, and scan the news headlines for any hints of malfeasance.

    Doing your own due diligence on a company and its stock can take some time, but it’s not difficult. Just because the company has a recognizable brand, doesn’t mean that it will continue to flourish. Find out as much as you can about what goes on behind the scenes before you jump to conclusions.

    It’s also important to research the company’s market sector and draw some comparisons so you can judge how they fare with their competitors.

  9. avatar Jacky Ortiz says:

    I personally would like to invest in consumer use producst like plastic, flour, coffee, people will always use these things forever i think this way I am new to stocks and plan on starting to invest for a beginner like me

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