What Is A Dividend?

I spend a lot of time on this site looking at lots of different dividend stocks that might make good investment opportunities. It recently occurred to me that I have never taken the time to explain what a dividend is and why they matter at all.  So today, let’s find an answer to that question.

A Bank Stock With A Nice Dividend Yield

Financial stocks have historically been stalwarts in the portfolios of individuals interested in dividend investing. Bank stocks have not been in favor with investors since the market crash of 2008. Revenues slumped, profits dropped, and dividends were slashed across the industry. Although dividends are returning o the industry, payouts have become very subpar. There is […]

Dividend Investing: A Steel Company With A Quality Dividend

Steel companies are typically known as great investments and offer very little in the way of current income. Investors are normally attracted to the industry during economic booms. Steel companies perform at their best when construction is high and demand is great for their products. There is one large cap steel player that is offering […]

A Dividend Stock With A 5% Yield

The energy sector continues to be a market leader as crude oil and gasoline prices continue to rise higher. Today I would like to take a look at an energy stock that participates in a different segment of the energy sector. This company has large amount of nuclear and electric energy operations. This energy company […]

Passive Income Roundup & Cash Giveaways

This week’s roundup is a guide to generating passive income online. I have found the best posts on helping you increase your bottom line. Passive income can come in many forms including dividend investing, blogging, or fixed income securities. These posts will show you how to make more cash and increase your bank account balance. […]

Using Bonds For Passive Income

Continuing in the whole theme of finding passive income investments, let’s take a look at another asset class that belongs in the portfolio of all investors. This asset class typically performs well when stocks are performing poorly. While blue chips stocks are a winner for dividend investing, bonds offer more price stability and a guaranteed […]

Dividend Stocks That Are Solid Buys

Over the past few weeks, I have spent more time focusing on dividend investing. I have been looking at high yielders, average yielders, and some low yielders. Today, I would like to take a look at a few dividend value plays that are becoming buying opportunities. Investors are getting to buy best of breed at […]

Dividend Stocks: General Electric

This is the fourth part in my series on dividend investing. Today, I would like to look at one of the oldest companies in the United States. The company is involved in just about every facet of the United States economy. The company generates revenue from industrial production, healthcare, financial services, and product sales. It’s […]

Dividend Stocks: Procter & Gamble

One of the nation’s oldest company’s has been a good dividend stock candidate for years and is still one today. This company has increased its dividend for 54 consecutive years. That’s a remarkable streak considering the number of recessions in the United States economy over that time period. If you think that’s impressive, consider the […]

Dividend Investing In Small Caps

Today’s entry in the best dividend stocks series is a small cap player that is serving up a nice yield. The company participates in the trash industry and has been a favorite of mine for awhile. I profiled this company last spring and in November of last year as well.