Dow Chemical Renegotiates Deal

The good news is that Dow Chemical was finally able to renegotiate its Rohm & Haas purchase. The bad news is that Dow still has to pay $78 per share to finance the purchase but did get Rohm & Haas’ two biggest shareholders to invest 3 billion dollars in Dow. Dow’s two biggest shareholders will receive […]

Market Update

Dow Chemical (DOW) dropped to $6.50 today. I am now convinced that if the Rohm & Haas deal is completed that Dow will not be a viable company. It is finally in Rohm & Haas best interest to negotiate a lower price. If the deal is completed Dow will be running to the government for funding. […]

Bleak News

AIG announced the biggest quarterly loss in the history of the US. AIG lost nearly 62 billion last quarter. Citigroup looks like it is going to break below $1 per share. It’s time for Citigroup to be nationalized. it’s not Pandit’s fault but I don’t see how he can keep his job with the stock […]


Citigroup is down to $1.50 a share amid an agreement with the Federal government to convert 25 billion in preferred stock to common stock. Citi also announced that they will not be paying a dividend. There is no reason whatsoever to own Citigroup stock. The stock is worthless. if you want to see Dow’s future, look at […]

Dow Chemical’s Dividend Cut Is Not Enough

Dow Chemical finally cut its dividend for the first time in almost 100 years. Dow is cutting it dividend by 64% from 1.68 cents to 60 cents. This is a good first step to improving the company’s cash position but the dividend cut may not be enough. Unless Dow receives a significant cash injection it is unlikely […]

Market News

Dow Chemical (DOW) dropped to the single digits today. The stock is currently trading at $9.70. Dow’s market cap is down to 9 billion and is facing financial problems. Everyone agrees that Dow should renegotiate the deal with Rohm & Haas but there is no reason for Rohm & Haas to renegotiate. It appears highly likely that the courts will force Dow to […]

More Dividend Cuts Coming

1. Dow Chemical The $1.68 dividend that Dow Chemical(DOW) pays is toast. Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris caved today and admitted that a dividend cut is a definite possibility. This is a change in tune from Liveris who defiantly defended the dividend after the collapse of the Kuwaiti deal. In the beginning of January, Liveris stated that, “Dow […]

Dow Chemical Update

Dow Chemical(DOW) announced that they will seek legal action against the Kuwaiti government for the cancellation of the DowK joint venture. Dow is hoping to recover about 2.5 billion dollars to help in financing its Rohm & Haas acquisition. Dow is expected to pay over 100 million per month in fees for not completing the Rohm & […]

Added Shares of Dow Chemical

Added 100 more shares of Dow Chemical(DOW) at $15.29 per share.

Dow Chemical

Started a small position of 400 shares in Dow Chemical(DOW) at $15.36. Dow is trading close to its 52 week low and has seen its stock drop 25 percent this week alone for the following reasons: – Dow’s 17.4 billion dollar joint venture with the Kuwaiti government was canceled. – Dow is on the hook for its $78 per share acquisition […]