Microsoft Should Buy Research In Motion

  Shares of Microsoft (MSFT) currently trade for $24. This is nothing new as the stock has traded at this price many times since the 90’s. The company has been able to grow earnings at an 11% clip and is trading right in line with its future earnings growth. Despite these solid results, the stock […]

3 Companies That Need To Give Cash Back To Investors

  This is a post that I had written last week. I was wondering if Microsoft should consider raising its dividend. Well the company stole my thunder and announced that they would be increasing their dividend 23%. I planned to scrap the post but decided to go ahead with it anyway. Instead of looking at […]

3 Stocks That Have Been Cheap For A Decade

I have the learned the hard way that just because a stock is cheap does not mean it is a good investment. It can be tough sometimes to distinguish between a value play and a value trap. Value plays are stocks that are trading below their true value and will eventually reach this value. Value […]

2010 The Year of The Tablet PC

The race to be king in the tablet PC market is heating up. Hewlett Packard, Dell ,Lenovo, Sony and Samsung have all displayed their tablet PC offerings at the 2010 Consumer Electronics show. Microsoft is expected to release a courier tablet PC within the next few months. All of these companies are competing to be the first to market […]

Microsoft Is Raising Cash

For the first time in the history of the company Microsoft is taking on debt. Microsoft (MSFT) is looking to raise up to 6 billion dollars in capital by offering long term debt securities. Microsoft will offer 5, 10 and 30 year bonds. It is curious that Microsoft is raising debt when the company has over […]

Finally A Rally!

The Dow is up over 600 points the last 3 days. General Electric (GE) has risen from the $5 level to the $9.50. I should have bought a lot more when the stock was in the high 5’s. GE rose today despite a ratings downgrade. GE dropped from AAA to AA+. Why is this important? Ratings downgrade […]

Market Update

Dow Chemical (DOW) dropped to $6.50 today. I am now convinced that if the Rohm & Haas deal is completed that Dow will not be a viable company. It is finally in Rohm & Haas best interest to negotiate a lower price. If the deal is completed Dow will be running to the government for funding. […]

Microsoft Should Buy Palm and Forget Yahoo

I read a great article that stated that Microsoft should buy smartphone maker Palm instead of Yahoo.  It’s an interesting read. The author makes a compelling case for why Palm is the better buy. Listed below are some excerpts from the article. “Buying Yahoo would solve none of Microsoft’s software woes—and could likely make them worse […]

Where has the growth gone?

Microsoft(MSFT) shares tumbled to $17.30 today after the tech giant reported weaker than expected earnings. Microsoft earned 47 cents per share vs. the 49 cents per share expected by Wall Street. Earned revenue came in at 16.6 billion which missed estimates of 17.1 billion. Microsoft failed to deliver up to analysts expectations. This begs the question, Where has the […]

Top Stocks for 2009

Here are three interesting articles on the top stock picks for 2009. Use these lists with caution as stock picking websites can be just as wrong as they are right. Smart Money Top Stocks for 2009 – Stocks that I like on this list are Duke Energy(DUK), Microsoft(MSFT), Johnson & Johnson(JNJ), General Electric(GE). None of these stocks […]