Stock Investing 101: 4 Moves To Make In A Declining Market

The volatility is back in the stock market as investors are buying and selling stocks with reckless abandon again. The Dow Jones had a few steep drops last week as fear is returning to the marketplace. There are growing fears of a double dip recession taking place and investors are afraid of holding stocks that […]

Investing For Growth Vs. Investing For Safety

For many Americans, the last decade made a mess of their finances as your debt rose and your net worth fell. But regardless of your financial state — whether your finances have been wrecked by plummeting home prices or your income has remained stagnant — you can still develop strategies to actually create wealth.

Why Rite Aid Is A Bad Investment

While CVS (CVS) and Walgreen (WAG) thrive in the drugstore industry, there is one large company that continues to struggle in the space. Rite Aid (RAD) continues to struggle and just cannot get out of its own way. Walgreen Company has a stock price of over $40 per share and a yield of 1.7%. CVS¬† […]

It’s Time To Buy Nike

It’s finally time to buy Nike. The stock was pummeled as investors sold off shares after Nike missed its quarterly earnings estimates. The company reported¬† earnings of $523 million. Nike earned $1.08 a share,which was below the $1.12 estimate. Total revenue came in at $5.1 billion which was below the expectation of $5.18 billion. The […]

GiveAShare: A Good Site For A Beginning Stock Investor

I often get asked the best way to start investing in the stock market. I always think that a mutual fund is the best place to begin because it provides broad diversification at a low price. However, if you are interested in buying an individual stock and don’t have a whole lot of cash to […]

Buffett Receives Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Stock investing legend Warren Buffett received the Presidential Medal Of Freedom today. This is a more personal clip of Buffett as he recounts how blessed he has been in his life.

Buy Like Buffett Newsletter

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My Stock Investing And Personal Finance Posts From Around The Web

These are a few of my posts from around the blogosphere that were picked up by some larger sites.

There Is No Other Nike

I wrote about the importance of economic moats in my 10 things to look for in a stock ebook. There are very few companies that have a greater economic moat than Nike (NKE). I have searched far and wide for a company that could pose a serious threat to Nike over the next few years. […]

Coinstar: Value Stock Or Value Trap?

Shares of Coinstar (CSTR) have taken a nosedive over the past two months. The stock has been in a free fall after releasing some disappointing earnings news a few weeks ago. Investors abandoned ship and sold the stock for a variety of reasons. Today, I would like to take a look at shares of Coinstar […]