Warren Buffett Named The Most Generous Billionaire

One of the reasons that I started this website is because I so admired the investing style of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. I have marveled at the investment strategy of Warren Buffett since my college days and have long since considered him one of the greatest minds in value investing. There is another reason however that I follow Buffett’s financial wisdom. Buffett has been a generous investor and his philanthropic endeavors continued in 2012. [Read more…]

Warren Buffett Says Debt Downgrade Was The Wrong Decision

Warren Buffett spoke yesterday about the recent debt downgrade by Standard & Poor’s. Buffett found the downgrade by the S&P puzzling and stated that it “doesn’t make any sense”. He stated that if anything that the rating should have been raised to quadruple A. US Treasuries are still the gold standard when it comes to investment and the risk of default is virtually nonexistent. [Read more…]

Warren Buffett Sees A Rebound In The Housing Market Coming

Warren Buffett is predicting that the United States economy will not go through a double dip recession. This will come as a surprise to a lot of economists that are calling for a double dip recession. Buffett boldly predicted a lot of cheery economic news that if it occurs will lead to a full fledged recovery. Buffett discussed his predictions in a full length interview with Bloomberg this past weekend. [Read more…]

My Black Enterprise Interview On How To Buy Like Buffett

Black Enterprise Magazine ran a story on me in this month’s edition of the Magazine. I was interviewed by Mr. James Anderson and shared my insights on the market.The piece is called, How To Buy Like Buffett. The article discussed my investment advisory business and this blog Buy Like Buffett. Here are a few of the excerpts from the magazine article.

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Investing For Growth Vs. Investing For Safety

For many Americans, the last decade made a mess of their finances as your debt rose and your net worth fell. But regardless of your financial state — whether your finances have been wrecked by plummeting home prices or your income has remained stagnant — you can still develop strategies to actually create wealth.

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What Is Warren Buffett Up To Right Now?

The Oracle of Omaha has been on the news quite a bit recently. He has made some pretty bold calls on the stock and bond markets. As always Warren Buffett has been putting his money where his mouth is. Let’s take a look at what Buffett has been doing.

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Another Miniature Berskire Hathaway

stock investingFairfax Financial Holdings (FFH.TO) is a Canadian financial holding company that operates in the property, casualty, and life insurance and reinsurance, investment management, and insurance claims management businesses. Although the company is based in Canada, the bulk of its operations take place in the United States.  United States businesses accounted for 49% of earned premiums, Canada  26%, and international markets for 25%. Fairfax Holdings has been in business since 1985.

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Buffett Receives Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Stock investing legend Warren Buffett received the Presidential Medal Of Freedom today. This is a more personal clip of Buffett as he recounts how blessed he has been in his life.

3 Principles About Building Wealth That Can Be Learned From Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the legends of investing. I often read books about him watch his interviews on television as I try to learn as much as possible about his investing style. I respect the fact that Buffett knows a lot about what it takes to make money investing.

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Buffett’s Investment Return In 2010

Berkshire investors are smiling all the way to the bank. While my investment return was good in 2010, Buffett’s investment return was phenomenal. Buffett proved that despite his advanced age, he still has not lost his touch. Once again he beat the S&P 500 index. Berkshire has beaten the S&P 500 in four of the past five years.

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