How To Get Rich $10 At A Time

When it comes to getting rich, people have the wrong idea about what it takes. Lots of people think that you have to win the lottery or start with a whole lot of money. The truth is that getting rich is all about the small choices that you make on a daily basis. I am not going to throw out ideas like skipping the daily coffee and bringing your luck to work. Those have been done to death. Instead let’s focus on a few things that you can do with small amounts of money to start building wealth.


How To Get Rich Using Small Amounts Of Money

It may take $500 to $1,000 to open a brokerage account but it doesn’t take anywhere near that much to start investing. You can invest in a number of different stocks using a direct stock purchase plan for as little as $25. Anyone can come up with $25 because it is an incredibly small amount of money.

Look at it this way:

$25 a month is approximately 83 cents per day. Just round it to $1 a day and invest $30 each month in a stock.

Start with $30 and invest $360 a year ($30/monthly) in a company that is growing at a modest 7% rate over 20 years. At the end of 20 years, you will have $15,907.55. If you can boost that return to 10%, you would have $22,882.72 at the end of 20 years. That’s not bad for $1 a day. This is a plan that anyone can follow.

If you are looking for more appreciation you can bump up your contribution amount.

Start with $100 and invest $3,600 a year ($300/month). That equates to $10 a day. If you averaged a 7% return on investment, you would have $158,301.60 at the end of 20 years. Bump that rate up to 10% and you would have $227,481.25. You wouldn’t be rich but would have a decent amount of savings to work with.

Now let’s assume you are trying to get rich.

Start with $1,000 and invest $9,000 a year ($750/month). You would need to save $25 a day. A 7% investment return over 20 years would net you$398,656.28. A 10% return on investment would give you $573,749.99.  The average person would be pretty happy to accumulate under $600,000 just from their own personal investing.

A  30 year old person could be worth over half a million dollars before the age of 50.

Remember that it is very possible for you to exceed the amounts that I listed. A 7% average annual return on investment is very reasonable and a 10% average annual return is realistic.  If you invested in the right companies, you could beat the amount of projections that I have selected. For example, companies like Nike and McDonald’s have beat the returns that I assume above. Small cap stocks could do even better,

You could also increase the initial investment amount or increase the monthly investment amount to increase your final balance. Increasing the number of years that you invest for is another way to grow your investment capital.

The point of this post is to show you the power that small amounts of money can make on your long term portfolio growth. (For more information read How To Get Rich Without Leaving Your Home).

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  1. You got it right, Mark! It’s amazing how simple it can be to get rich. We just have to be disciplined!

    It all ties in to my motto, “Get out of debt, save money, and be rich!” Once you’re out of debt and have an emergency fund in place, it’s time to invest and get rich!

    I am currently 25 years old, and my net worth is already beyond 50% of the population. It’s not because I have insider deals or a get rich quick secret. It’s because I’ve been consistantly disciplined since I graduated from college. The debts are gone, the savings are in the bank, and the investments are continually added to, every month. It’s as simple as that!

    Thanks for the post.

    • Everyone needs to follow your plan Derek!

      • i think its a good plan but! i would try to get 60$ a week so that you could get the money faster because 15k in 20 years is not very good.

    • Derek, your plan doesn’t include the value of money over time, half a million USD in 20 years will be like having $5000 in your pocket. Maybe you can explain better that part of your plan

      • Could you explain how investing money today could potentially explode in the wake of financial crisis? I tried the house thing, and i ended up losing over 25,000 in 7 years. If there’s an economic collapse, and I put tons of money into the market, what do I have in 20 years?

        • There is risk in any market. The key is to diversify. Buy some guaranteed investments so you are always making money from some asset even if the returns are lower.

    • avatar Savvy Lady says:

      Your methods are strong but your title is deceiving. Rich is not $15,000. So investing $10 will not get you rich. No need to sensationalize. Unfortunately most people can’t save $750 a month to get “rich”.

  2. Great examples of how little is needed to achieve so much. Frankly, I don’t understand the resistance. Maybe, savings is not a priority!

    • Mark thanks for such a clear explanation of how easy this is! Krantcents, I[m not sure it’s resistance as much as fear. They worry that they don’t understand investing enough to get involved, though this article ought to make it clear enough.

      After the financial problems that started in 2008 and the flash crash of 2010, many fear risk. If they see that a dollar a day won’t break their budget and could easily give them rewards down the road, I think it would soften their resistance and give them the confidence to learn more. Great article!

    • Krantcents, I think people think that you need a lot of money to make money.

  3. Great advice. I had a co-worker in 1989 who went out every 2 weeks after getting paid and bought 5 ounces of silver. I know he did this for the year I worked with him. Imagine the return on that investment if he even kept it up for only 5 years. He would have purchased 130 ounces each year giving him 650 ounces worth over $28,000 recently. I went with him one week and still have the five ounces that I bought for $5.20 per ounce.

    • What a great idea! Now that silver has had a big pullback it could be time to start that plan in motion again!

      • Maggie, silver is starting to look more and more attractive.

      • avatar matlamukele says:

        how do i get rich while earning low salaries?

        • You can do so by investing or through starting a business.

          • avatar Invester says:

            money is backed by gold/silver/copper, but not recently as the prices rise on gold/silver/copper and the stocks rise on it too, money will be less and less. this is how we stay finacially stable, if you seen this eco crisis you wouldve stocked up on some cheap ass gold/silver/copper and wait till this time to sell it, but now gold/silver/copper and quite expensive now and wont get much of a return rate when selling it in a future. cause we will get more eco stable, this is where greed and fear plays in. you get greedy not wanting to sell it and bam everything is back to normal and its worth nothing kinda like a black thursday in stocks. and fear not wanting to buy it cause its expensive as of now

    • He would be seriously loaded if he held onto those metals. You have a nice ROI at $5.20 per ounce.

    • I wouldn’t even know where to buy silver? Or sell it -bBut that sounds like a great investment, just from thinking outside the box!

  4. Magic of compounding! Wish more grasped this!

  5. Great post. It takes discipline and planning to achieve financial independence, not a lottery ticket.

    • I agree. I am always wary of get rich quick schemes.

      • Isn’t it ironic that those who won’t invest small amounts on a regular basis, will often buy lottery tickets on a regular basis? It’s like they believe in pure luck more than real investments. Do they feel that they will never be smart enough to understand investing, but “you have to play to win” with lottery tickets? Pure gambling seems to make more sense to them. Amazing.

  6. Yes, small amounts do matter – and consistency is the key. Love the example you used of investing $30 per month to achieve $15K to $20K in 20 years’ time.

  7. thanks .. finally im getting smart and im gonna try
    to put 30 monthly away for now …

  8. avatar High on Dividends says:

    That 30K will buy you a loaf of bread in 30 years! Reality check. You better triple that savings….

  9. I just got married and finding its not easy to manage the budget but your mentioned plan is quiet simple and could be followed by any salary based person. Me and my wife would like to thank you for this awesome solution to sponsor a better future.

    Nathal & Leena

  10. It really is as easy as you say Mark. It is just taking the time to action it. People just have such difficulty making the small amounts count. Great post!

  11. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong, but I don’t think a 5% or 10% annual rate of return is reasonable. Given the economy right now, there will be many years when you lose money. You might be better off not investing at all. That’s what I’ve seen so far in the last 5 years of my investing life.

  12. Your plan looks simple, I will try it 1$ in a day is nothing, the most important thing is to find the right company to invest on it’s stock.

  13. Hey Mark, I agree with your strategy. My plan is to invest $3000 a month with a %7 return so I will have $1million in 16 years. I wrote a book similar to your strategy, and also talked about having a business as the best way to increase income.

    (What’s your thoughts on having a small business? And is there any way you can promote/advert my book on your blog here?)

  14. I like your storey of buying silver, I have actually been doing a very similar thing but with copper and zinc sourced from demolision sites. I have been collecting it for years hoping one day that their raw price escelates.

  15. the key to having a surplus is never spending more than what u net take home,simply meaning never try to keep up with the jonez and live beyond your means,its as simple as this,if u know u take home 3,000 a month,minimize your bills to 2500 or lower and be self displine,dont buy things based off excitement and high emotions cuz high emotions will put you into alot of a debt,go sumwea and cool offf and then ask yourself,ummm do i really need this now?having a surplus and not being in the red is really a commen sence strategy and approach,never spend what u dont have in the bank

  16. This is an outstanding article. Four years later it is just as relevant. I forwarded it to my nephew in college. He has a great part-time job as a valet at a resort, but spends everything he makes on designer clothes. Hopefully, this article will motivate him to change his habits.

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