Market Update

Dow Chemical (DOW) dropped to $6.50 today. I am now convinced that if the Rohm & Haas deal is completed that Dow will not be a viable company. It is finally in Rohm & Haas best interest to negotiate a lower price. If the deal is completed Dow will be running to the government for funding.

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) Class B shares are looking cheap. Berkshire is one of the few AAA rated companies left. Plus you get the opportunity to invest with the world’s greatest investor for $2,300.

I am adding more Nike (NKE) stock to my long term portfolio. Great balance sheet and the stock is trading at just over $39 per share. Nike has no debt problems and does not rely on borrowing to fund operations.

I have not bought any Microsoft (MSFT) stock in years but at roughly $15 a share I am willing to buy again.

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