5 Signs you are drowning in debt

5 Signs that you are drowning in debt

1. You use your credit card so that you can pay your monthly bills. You use your credit card to pay for necessities like your phone bill, gas & electric or groceries.

2. You depend on cash advances in order to make it through the month. Cash advances charge upfront fees, interest rates in the 20 percent range and have no grace period.

3. You have no idea what your account balances are. You don’t care to know how much you owe on your debts.

4. You have stopped opening your mail. You throw it in a drawer or in the trash. You would rather do anything than open your mail.

5. You don’t answer the phone. You know it is a bill collector calling about your debt so you don’t even bother to pick it up.


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  1. lol I thought my finances were getting hit hard but I’m glad I don’t fall into any of the 5.

  2. @Jae Jun
    You are in good shape then!

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