Monday Night RoundUp

While you are getting ready for the Vikings vs. Bears on Monday Night Football, take a look at my Monday Night Roundup. These are some of the best reads around the blogosphere. I threw in posts from some of my top commenters.

Miss Thrifty hosts the Weekly Yakezie Roundup.

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance on Why She Uses Banks.

MoneyCone explains how Visa And MasterCard Plunged 10% on Debit Card Fee Cap.

The Financial Blogger on How It’s Sometime To Better To Start With Your Own Money First Then Go After Investors.

The College Investor gives his list of Things He Learned Not To Pay For.

Invest It Wisely gives you 5 Responsible Ways To Use Credit Cards.

Grocery Alerts on How He Got A Turkey For 26 Cents. I found this post intriguing.

Financially Poor gives you 3 Affordable Entertainment Options.

Sweating The Big Stuff explains Why Side Gigs Are Worth The Time.

Financial Highway presents the 288th Edition Of The Carnival Of  Personal Finance.

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  1. Thanks for posting a link to my post on my great find of a turkey for 26 cents.

  2. Thanks for including me in your monday night roundup!

  3. Thanks for the mention, and thank you to the Bears for playing great defense and propelling me into the finals of my fantasy league!

  4. Thanks for the mention Mark!

  5. Thank’s a lot for the mention Mark! For some reason, there is almost always one link to yours as well either in my roundups or in my press review! I guess we just like eachother! 😉

  6. Thanks for including my post! I appreciate the readership!

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