5 Companies That Are Increasing Their Dividends

dividend increases

There's Money in Jelly!

It’s a New Year and that means a new round of dividend hikes. Companies have excess cash on their balance sheets and are using it to buy back shares of stock and increase dividend payouts to shareholders. Here are 5 companies that have been in the news recently for upping their dividends.

Dividend Increases

JM Smucker Company (SJM) increased its dividend payout 10% to an annual payout of $1.76 per share. Shares are now yielding 2.85%. Smucker increased its stock buyback plan and agreed to buy 5 million more shares. The company repurchased nearly 5 million shares last quarter. Smucker is primarily known as the manufacturer of jellies and Folgers coffee.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) increased its dividend 20% to $1.92 per share. The recent dividend increase has increased the stock’s yield to 2.80%. Time Warner’s dividend increase comes on the heels of a great earnings report in which the company boosted its free cash flow to $2.3 billion dollars.

Intel (INTC) may have trouble getting the stock to outperform but that is not the fault of company management. Intel just announced a $10 billion dollar buyback plan and increased its dividend again. Intel increased its annual dividend to 72 cents per share which is an effective yield of 3.35%. Intel is becoming a very attractive dividend play.

Limited Brands (LTD) upped its annual dividend to 80 cents per share from its previous 60 cents level. The stock is now yielding 2.76%. Limited Brands is the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, Pink, La Senza, Bath & Body Works, C. O. Bigelow, The White Barn Candle Company, and Henri Bendel brands.

Railroad transportation company Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC) raised its yearly dividend from $1.444 per share to $1.60. Shares are now yielding 2.65%.


  1. Hi Mark, Frequently an increase in dividends signal growing net income. Good list!

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