Warren Buffett Makes $15 A Second

Never let it be said that Warren Buffett does not know how to make money. Warren Buffett states that his wise investment in Goldman Sachs during the financial crisis is making him $15 a second! That is incredible!

Buffett’s preferred stock investment amounts to

  • $900 a minute
  • $54,000 an hour
  • $1,296,000 a day

The good times will be coming to and end however as Goldman Sachs will be repaying Buffett his $5 billion dollar investment. Don’t feel bad for Buffett as he will receive a 10 percent premium on his investment. Buffet will get a $125 million dollar dividend payment and $24 million dollars in accelerated dividends.


  1. I don’t think I’ll ever feel bad for Warren Buffett…

  2. That is pretty crazy. $15 a second? That means that he made about $300 while I was writing this comment….. wow.

  3. tic toc

  4. Well it was a gamble. GS got of easy. Since both the current and previous administrations are/were lax on prosecuting, GS got away with a 500m fine.

    What GS did wasn’t a minor infraction.

    Buffett probably knew how spineless SEC was and gambled…and won.

  5. Simply incredible! $15 per second! That is just more money than I can comprehend!

  6. $15 per second actually doesn’t sound like all that much since I just spent $15 at Taco Bell in about the same amount of time. But when you actually do the math like you did, it ends up being quite unfathomable.

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