Your 9 To 5 Job Is Not Going To Make You Rich

Unless you are an investment banker, CEO, or some other high level executives that makes in the mid six figures, your 9 to 5 job is probably not going to make you rich. Wages are depressed all around. Middle class income has been on the decline over the past decade. Company loyalty has gone the way of the dinosaur.

Companies have demonstrated that they are willing to layoff employees in a heartbeat to bolster their bottom line. Even federal workers have seen their wages frozen and will likely see cutbacks in jobs over the next few years. So, what is the solution to help stabilize your financial future?

Develop an outside income stream.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversification is the name of the game. You do not want to have your primary income, retirement, and benefits all dependent upon the same company. Spread the risk out by developing multiple ways of generating income.

Making Money Online

I have given a ton of examples in the past of ways that you can effectively diversify your income. You can earn money online by creating a blog, freelance writing, ad networks, Internet marketing, etc. I detail all of these ways in my ebook, 101 Ways To Make Money Online.

Working From Home

You can also earn additional income by starting a home based business such as starting a temp agency, running errands for individuals, becoming a virtual assistant, etc. This is a great time to dip your feet into the entrepreneurial pool. Create an idea and develop it so that it addresses an existing need or helps to solve a problem.

Investing For Income

Another option is to create a passive income stream from investing. You can buy high yielding dividend stocks and collect the dividend payment each quarter. You could also invest in small cap growth stocks and reap the benefits of capital appreciation.

Those are just a few options. I am sure that you can come up with a whole lot more. All of these methods are designed to increase your money making ability and reduce the leverage that your place of employment has over you.


  1. I agree, 9 to 5 will not make you rich but it will make breaking out of the routine that much harder since when you add commute, there’s not much time left to focus on alternative business activities.

  2. If writing is your thing, the new amazon program makes publishing very easy. Great way to earn extra income.

  3. Agree with Mich, but a 9 to 5 can serve as a springboard. Although you might not become rich, by working on alternative activities during your off hours and saving and paying down debt aggressively, you can still get out of the rat race long before your blue-haired years. 😉

  4. I don’t think anything makes you rich unless you really focus and drive for success, let alone 9 to 5. For the average people, not trying to live the life of a movie star with a 9 to 5 job should be a start. We are bombarded with media on what should be good for us (but not necessary). You can do well by making sure you increase you profit! (Spend less than you make) Once you can have some profit, you need to make it work for you!

    I agree with your many points, the earlier you understand 9 to 5 is a mean to bring some money to spring board the real money makers, than maybe you stand a chance to increase your wealth.

    • Those are solid points. I wanted to get people thinking about generating money outside of their typical full time job. We are so conditioned into working a job and doing as we are told that we fail to think outside of the box.

  5. What about if I work 7am to 6pm? 🙂

    Actually, a TON of “9 to 5” jobs make you rich. has a convention here in SF, and A TON of them make $500,000++++.

    Google, Facebook, strategic consulting, banking, etc. So many jobs pay $500,000+ a year after 10 years of experience. You just need to get that job!

  6. Whether you are working 9 to 5 or 11pm to 8am, it’s always good to have an additional income source. If you don’t have a job some of the tips mentioned are great ways to become an entrepreneur and work for yourself.

    You never know you just might create something that helps you to become rich!

  7. I agree 1,000 percent! Entrepreneurship is the only way to become rich. technology has lowered the cost of starting a business by starting it online.

  8. You can definitely get rich from a 9-5 job and millions of people already have. You just have to save some of your income and invest it over a long period of time. It’s one of the simplest and most reliable ways to get rich.

    Having said that, according to The Millionaire Next Door, you are four times more likely to become a millionaire if you are self-employed.

  9. The Enron case is a perfect examples of employees having their income, retirement and investments in the same company. When the company shut down, employees pretty much have lost everything.

    Working from home is always an ideal scenario for everybody. You don’t have to deal with traffic and you can eliminate a lot of working cost such as the cost of dry cleaning, transportation, etc. In addition, if it’s a home-based business, you’ve got additional tax breaks not available to employees (as discuss on previous post…

  10. This article is true – unless you own a business in Canada working over a certain dollar figure most of it goes to taxes after.

    It pays to work remotely.

  11. My aunt always said: “Don’t aim for a job where you sell your time.”

    Basically, you will always be limited by the fact that you only have 24 hours in a day.

    With passive income, how many hours you have in a day isn’t a direct limitation of what you can earn. If you run your own business, if you can earn more by hiring more people, that works too. But if your business is just you, selling your personal expertise, there are limits.

    Of course, if I could earn $150/hour consulting, I’d feel pretty rich 😉

  12. As Sam from Financial Samurai, I think the 9 to 5 CAN be great for some. I prefer your sentence saying diversity is the key! I think the best way to make more money is to leave all doors open, at anytime, to new projects or ideas. Routine is good for family, challenge is what I expect from my professional occupations, whether it is a 9 to 5 job or this new idea making its way through my mind. I am sure if we’d ask the $500 000 + 9 to 5 workers Sam talked about what is the key of their success, it would be something like : think outside of the box. So they are always ways increase your income and become rich, no matter what you do and when you do it.

  13. I have enjoyed this thread. As Sam and DoNotWait both mentioned the possibility of higher income leading to richest, I think that there is a threshold where an employee doesn’t fit the profile of 9 to 5 with a salaried job. At these salary (and I assume there are bonuses and stock compensation in there) comes accountability and responsibility requiring a commitment and with it comes extra work. These employees will tend to be entrepreneur from within the company which I think still shows that they think outside the box as pointed out by DoNotWait. (I work in the software industry and it’s possible to make large income once you include bonuses and stock compensation, but it’s not a 9 to 5 job anymore.)

    I’d define being Rich as not needing to work to cover expenses from day-to-day and we all know that there is a tendency to increase spending when the income increases so there is also no guarantee that they are getting rich faster than other since their needs have also increased.

  14. Great article! I need to find me a side hustle that can make me some serious money! Thanks for sparking the thought. I’ll let u know how it goes. Lol (if u don’t hear from me, I’ve moved to Fiji)

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